Thursday Seminars

We will kick off our celebration weekend with a special Legacy seminar for legacy and leadership students on thursday. Join the ACE Team under guidance of Master Tanger to learn how to create your own Legacy. 


We close off the evening with blackbelts age 13 and up and Warrior students in a special joint lock seminar headed by Mr. Ooms.

Friday Testing

On Friday Evening we will organise a Special Blackbelt Testing. 


We will kick of the evening with a Keynote speech on Leadership by the instructor, inspirator and mentor of Mr. Ooms: Master Pedro Tanger 6BD


Besides the performance of those who are testing, you can enjoy special demonstrations of Masters and Top Competitors. Come and witness the spectacle and get inspired to set and reach your goals.



12 Dutch Students will test for the rank of 1st degree Blackbelt Decided. 

All Dutch Blackbelts will test/midterm



celebration Dinner


We secured an Iconic location under the same old railway where ACE Martial Arts is located. 


The venue will be ours for the evening so we hope all students and their parents will join us in a trip down memory lane and a peek into the future. 


Join the ACE Team and the European Masters for an incredible evening of great food, cold drinks and inspiring stories. 


Learn about the history of ACE Martial Arts, going back all the way to 2004....

See a video of the first ever exam of Mr. Ooms, be part of the first ever Dutch Award Ceremony, get inspired by the stories of the European Masters, and sooo much more. 


The buffet, snacks, and 3 drinks a person are included, after that....we'll see what happens. As the saying goes: work hard, play hard. And we all know we work hard...




Voor alle Nederlandse studenten: koop je tickets aan de balie. 


For all international Students: 



Blackbelt Testing:                                   Consult with your instructor, spectators are free of charge.

Trainingsseminars on Thursday:            Free of charge, Joint lock seminar only available for blackbelts age 13 and up.

Tournament on Saturday                       € 25,-

Trainingsseminar on Saturday:              € 25,-

Tournament and Seminars together     € 40,-


Dinner and party

(food, snacks, 3 drinks on the house) : € 47,50 per person



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